Do I have to provide a crate to ship my pet?

If you still have a crate, thats great. Please make sure that it comply with the IATA Container Requirements. We can also deliver all kind of standard or special crates. Just let us know what you are looking for.

How much time do I need in advance?

More time means less stress for you and your pet(s). Give your furry friend as much time as possible to get used to his travelbox. For some destinations (Australia, New Zealand etc.) you will need months in advance to prepare the paperwork. 

Is it possible to fly my puppies together in one crate?

We don't make these rules 😉 From our site its no problem to fly up to three (small puppies) together. Please make sure the the crate is big enough and let us know in advance what you are planning. We will get in touch with the airline and let you know about the details.


To be continued...